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Shilajit / Himalayan Shilajit

As the name suggests Shila means rock jeetu means tar or resin. Shilajitu it is called in sanskrit and ayurveda. its also blood of the rocks.
its completely herbo mineral origin substance. Best form of Shilajit comes from Himalaya. During hot season because of geothermal pressure remnants of plants like Euphorbia and other species produce it. We obtain tar like substance on rocks, which starts comming out of cracks. Shilajit starts melting when snow starts melting and sun rays shines on rocks. Best kind of Shilajit is gel based brown black in color.

Shudh Shilajit is obtained after purification. As coming from the rocks it may contain soil, pieces of stones etc so its recommended to purify it before use.

Shilajatu is semisolid which can be powdered after dehydrating, main ingredient of Shilajit is Fulvic acid. Good amount of Fulvic acid along with minerals and some herbal compounds make this substance very special for healing various health problems.

Its taste is bitter and astringent. And it mixes well with water. it also has diuretic quality.

Doses - 250 mg to 1 gm twice or once can be taken as advised by Ayurved Physician. Its always advised to continue for 6 weeks to get best effects or as advised by Ayurved Dr. its advisable to take it with milk or soup.

    1 Gram
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