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Why Desi Cows Ghee best ?

YOG Pura Ayurveda Ghee– Best Healing Bullet

These days wellness world is buzzing with a new health fad of healthy Ghee. Suddenly all eyes are there on different kinds of available fats. Animal origin or plant origin to come up in terms with this new health fad and Keto ( ketogenic ) diet. Coconut oil, Olive oil and Gheethat's clarified butter is in huge demand.

But what is Ghee and which kind of ghee is having best health benefits probably Pharma regulated fads driven population don't give a damn about. We need to understand facts before discarding it another health fad.

Best Ghee

Just Ghee word is not adequate, the source, the method of making etc are more important as ghee made from any milk or commercially available butter is not the ghee which has healing effects.

Is any kind of ghee is having same health benefits?

Ghee is important diet part world is awakening to it. But in Ayurveda Ghee from each milk bearing animal has distinct properties. All are not same and their subtle, mental, physical effects are very different.

In Ayurveda ghee obtained from specific type of cows only have these health benefits.

Just Grass fed cows ghee doesn't have all these healing qualities mentioned above. Though each milk and ghee have their own qualities as written above. Health benefits are from certain breed of cow’s ghee only. Let’s try to check few facts about Ghee.

How Ghee is better from butter?

Though ghee is clarified butter, water removed from fat. But technically Ghee is not just that. Butter is prepared from Natural live cultured Yogurt by churning it. Then this butter is simmered slow on fire to give that distinct aromatic nutty flavor.

Milk solids should be properly caramelized on slow fire to give it distinct flavor and anti AMA effect. Ghee is far healthier than butter.

Can Ghee be used for cooking?

Whatever you use any other oil or butter you can just replace it with ghee. It will add taste to the dishes and will carry aroma and benefits of spices and herbs in food. Ghee tolerates heat better than other oils and fats. It has High smoke pointso it doesn't get oxidized while other kinds of oils and fats can burn into free radicals.

Many seed cooking oils are hydrogenatedto some extant to increase shelf life and stability thus give them artificial high smoking point which is actually damaging for health. For baking too where you need high smoking point Ghee is better and healthier choice than butter.

Can dairy / lactose intolerant use Ayurvedic Ghrit?

Technically there is no milk residue left in Ghee. When the process is not adequate or ghee is prepared from harmful animals breed other than recommended ones or ghee is prepared directly from milk cream that may not give adequate health effects and can cause AMA (dietary toxins produced by indigestion) Unless someone is highly sensitive to trace elements mostly ghee is well tolerated even by infants.

YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghrit is prepared from Desi cowsbreed only, which has A2 milk. YOG Pura ghee is prepared taking care of all technical points in consideration hence dairy intolerant people also can use it. Casein proteinand lactose intolerant individuals can tolerate it well.

What is YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghritam

YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghritam is best quality Ghee procured from Desi local A2 milk Himalaya breed cows which is best ghee to prepare herbal ghee and has all the health benefits of Ghee.

Ghee is one of the most powerful medium to carry the active ingredients of herbal benefits to the cells. Its benefits were known since centuries

Benefits of YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghrit

Its very effective in curbing dryness hence work as antiaging. Its packed with fat soluble vitamins and sourced from healthy free Himalayan pastures mountain cows. Very good for weight loss programs, weak bones and joints, dryness of eyes, vagina or skin.

As it curbs free radicals, removes inflammation and helps restoring healthy moisture in body. So very helpful for cancer, leaky gut and other inflammations. In many studies it improved gut microbial flora thus helped in controlled insulin secretion.

It helps increasing Vit E and Vit K and other fat soluble minerals and vitamins in body hence impart luxurious skin and healthy vision. Cows ghee is beneficial for leaky gut syndrome so helps absorbing essential vitamins and minerals in case of absorption issues like Cohn’s IBS or others.

Vit K is required for women with low bone density and osteoporosis particularly women at menaupoasal age.

How YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghrit helps in weight loss?

If any one wants to undergo weight loss program by following Keto diet they should use YOG Pura Ghee in their meals. It is full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats which is useful for weight loss. These help in increasing lean body mass while reducing fat mass. Its also noticed that Ghee helps in mobilizing unhealthy fat cells to burn for energy.

YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghrit is good for vegans

It doesn't contain milk solids hence it is lactose freeand helpful in Paleo dietstoo. So Vegans has a choice to go for it. As it is not procured by harming the animal its actually Snehwhich is used in Ayurvedic med. Ghee is free from GMO, Trans fats, glutens and salts.

YOG Pura Ayurvedic Ghee for cholesterol problem.

Ayurvedic Ghee doesn't increase LDL or VLDLif used in limited quantity after removing other kind of harmful fats from diet. So if one can remove any bad kind of fat from diet they can start with one or two-tab spoon per day. Its fatty acid chain (Conjugated Linoleic AcidChain) ( CLA) and( Butyric acid) is actually healthy fatty acid.

Required to refrigerate YOG Pura Ghee?

Not necessarily. Its not required to refrigerate ghee. At colder temp it solidifies. In warm conditions it is liquid like any other vegetable oil. In medium temperatures its semisolid. You can use in any form. But for health benefits its always better to use warm.

Opened jars if kept in shade and properly closed after use don't spoil months and years.

In case of sunlight or moisture oxidation of ghee can happen. It can be distinguished by smell easily.

If ghee becomes old like 100 years, it had added medicinal qualities and can be used in many mental, sexual and pain issues.

Healthy doses of YOG Pura ghrit

One table spoon of ghee per day is good enough to give moisturized effect to skin, intestines and joints in a healthy adult.

1 tab spoon has 112 calories. 12 – 13 gms fat zero fibre and zero carbohydrates. Many vitamins are there in Ghee like Vit A, Vit K and Vit E.

Are you doubtful to start Ghee in your diet?

If you feel every one is talking and claiming tall about ghee and its going to be a new fad diet which surfaces for some time and fades away. You are completely wrong as Ghee is super food Bullet of healthsupplement in Ayurveda since thousands of years. In Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic homes ghee has been popular since centuries. Its very recently that almost every dietician and health freak started realizing the benefits of it.

Ghee in Ayurveda

Ghee was used in India since 4000 – 5000 years back when Vedas were being written and man started domesticating animals. It was considered Sattvicfood so was used in almost all rituals prayers and healthy cooking. Sattvic foods are considered Full of PRANA energy the energy of universe. So it increases vitality and longevity.

Since Vedic Times Cows ghee is being used in all rituals, ceremonies and auspicious reasons. In stories its said to be developed by One of Ayurveda lineage of gods Daksh Prajaptiby rubbing with his hands, which shows that Bilonaor mechanical force used to make ghee is very important to create the subtle light and digestive qualities to this kind of animal fat.

He then used this ghee with fire to create progeny.

It clearly shows that after passing through good metabolism or digestive fire/agniit increases shukra dhatuand directly effects the health of the babies. So it's a sattvic auspicious food for creation. In many ancient Asian religions its considered as auspicious nectar. It was used to make fire during YAJNAS, Prayers etc.

Use of ghee in Ayurvedic medicines and panchkarma

In Ayurveda medicines andPanchkarama, use of Cow s ghee is wide spread. Almost one fourth of ayurvedic med are prepared by using Cows ghee in some or other form. It is used in panchkarma for mental, physical and spiritual detoxification and clarity.

As it comes under SNEH and sneha itself means loveso it helps a lot in emotional healing, dryness of emotions and mental, emotional emptiness and exhaustion.

In Ayurveda ghee cooked with herbs give added advantage in many kind of sicknesses for internal, external and mucosal uses.

Ghee has Madhur rasa and madhur vipaka. It has special Prabhav as it retains the Guna of herbs and spices cooked in it. InSushrut Samhitait is written as cold Virya good for alimentary tract, epilepsy, distensions, bloating, voice and is aphrodisiac. In Brihat trayi ghee is mentioned in all Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Ashtang Hridyam.

In Charak Samhita its mentioned for people who want long healthy lives, good progeny, suffering from Vata and Pitta disorders. Ghee is used in Vision issues, skin issues, joint, gut issues like constipations etc. Acharya Charak wrote Digestive fire rekindled by Ghee can not brought down even with heavy foods.

Its tridoshaj healingin proper dose. Ghee helps in Vata so removes dryness, rough and hyperactivity in Pitta it balances burning quality of pitta and make it smooth and dissipate heat. As it rekindles heat so in small doses also good for Kapha dosha.

Apart from these Ghee is specially mentioned in emotional Dryness, Intestinal Dryness, Joint Dryness, weight loss, improve digestion, healing gut inflammation or leaky gut.

Ghee s Action on Dhatus–

It increases Rasa dhatu and nourishes it so helpful in all Poshan and directly promotesOJUSand Shukra dhatu.It provides external and internal lubrication. If you are sexually active one is advised one tab spoon of ghee in milk to prevent exhaustion.

Ghee Precaution in Kapha Dosha

If used injudiciously it can increase Kapha dhatu. So people with obesity should use herbs treated ghrita and in less amount after consulting ayurvedic physician.

As it rekindles Digestive fire it helps in removing ama and undue heaviness in body.

It helps in removing Ama and endotoxins. So it removes any kind of toxins at cellular level and metabolize, neutralize and expels them out. For more intricate treatments we do panchkarmas through herbal ghees which is extensive way of detoxification.

Mental Health and Ghee

Ghee structure is said to be same as Brain in Ayurveda. Modern science also proved that without healthy fat, nerve cell sheath can damage and nerves can’t work smoothly. In Ayurveda for All mental qualities ghee is said to be best. Herbs and spices used with ghee cross blood brain barrierand directly nourish and soothes brain cells.

Meaning of GHRIT is also from Sanskrit wordDhi means intellect, intelligence, shining, memory. It soothes the angry agitating and hyperactive minds and fills with love compassion and OJUS. Ghee is specially good for brain memory, intelligence, ADHD, and low digestive fire.

Source of YOG Pura Ghee

YOG Pura Ghee is selected by Ayurvedic Vaidyas for special purposes and effects on healing hence we need to know about the cows too. Though all grass fed buffalos and cows produce ghee for healing purpose only some breeds of cow is good. These cows should be free from violence, captivity and all kind of toxic land and pastures.

YOG Pura Ghee is from cows from farm lands of Himalayas. These cows have hump on their back and huge lose skin from their lower jaw end till forelegs called dewlap. These are the breed of cows from which we can get the best kind of ghee for healing.

These cows have a special yellow pigment in their milk which gives color to their milk its said that the hump of these cows there is a Suryaketu Nadi which is like Adapter for sun rays which makes their milk with special healing qualities and purifies it.

These days’ science also understood about milk sensitivity and categorized A1 and A2 milk. Cows in almost all Europe and America have A1 milk which is not good for human consumption. They produce more milk so commercially it's a profit work to have their milk.

On the other hand, A2 milk cows are mostly small not heavy, not violent, shy and friendly. They have hump and Dewlap, their milk quantity is less and milk is distinguishably yellow, thin and less creamy. These are the cows which are considered auspicious in India and milk from these cows is considered as good as mother. This milk is best kind of milk and ghee made from this milk is only best healing ghee.

How we make YOG Pura Ghee

As advised at many sites and channels just to buy unsalted butter and heat and make ghee is as useless as the fad diets. Its just to swim aimlessly in ghee wave. YOG Pura ghee is made from A2 milk Local Himalayan pastures cows milk. Butter is obtained through properly cultured milk and cream by BILONA that's mechanical churning to impart it subtle absorption qualities and remove heaviness of fat.

This way prepared Butter has added advantages of absorption and mineralized with Nano chains of easily digestible fatty acids which has anti-inflammatory properties. This Butter has unique lightness, freshness and flavor. Now this butter is cooked on slow fire to give and residual milk particles are caramelized which gives ghee a very distinguished Nutty flavor and Aroma.

Thus YOG Pura ghee obtained by this procedure is AYURVEDA Ghee which has all these healing qualities and best kind for making herbal or panchakrma ghritas.

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