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Improve constipation, hair-fall, weak eyesight - TRIFALA

As the name suggests it has three fruits in it. In Sanskrit Trifala means - Tri is three and fala is the fruit. So the three fruits in trifala are -




These three fruits are present in equal quantity in TRIPHALA powder.

Trifala fruits are dried in sun shade and used after removing the seeds. This ensures the quality of the product. Other quality issue is of the collection time of the fruits. Fruits should be collected during fruit bearing season. We keep check on these things strictly as these are the main quality ensuring processes for practice of AYURVEDA.


Trifala is one of the precious fruit supplement of Ayurveda which is good in balancing all the three doshas.

It’s considered Rasayna in Ayurveda. Rasyana means which can preserve health and which is strong anti aging agent.

Its another powerful action is cleansing, It also promotes digestion and helps in removing toxins or AMA.

Trifala contains rich antioxidants thus accentuates hormonal secretions.

Trifala protects heart and improves good cholesterol while cutting down fat and cellulite.

Trifala is very good for HIV patients, cancer, immune compromised & Allergy patients. Its also very effective in Viral, thrush and candida infections.

Main action of trifala is it’s a cleanser. It works as a mild laxative and detoxify. It cures constipations. One can use it without getting addicted or other adverse effects.

Trifala has marvelous healing properties. It act as anti-inflammatory so in cases of any long standing wound or abdominal ulcers its very effective.

In Indian house holds Trifala is used as home remedy for falling hair, vision problems and abdominal upsets.

How to use Trifala Tab

Trifala tablet is the best way to ingest trifala as powder base some times can be sticky and unpleasant to take.

1 gm to 3 gms of trifala can be taken twice or once daily with warm water.

2 tabs at night for antiaging and as nutritional supplement is good.

2tabs morning and 2 tabs evening can be consumed in case of constipations, detoxification or when one is fasting.

In case of mouth ulcers or eye wash you can use water of trifala. Trifla powder can be soaked for 2-3 hours in warm water can be taken as juice or trifala water after removing the fiber. One can use tablet or crush tablets too.

Each RAGA TRIFALA TABLET is of 500 mgs. In Ayurveda we don’t recommend capsules mostly. We don’t use any type of preservative or binder or color in our tablets. Its only Acacia Plant gum which is used to bind the tablet.

Precautions with Trifala

Trifala should not be given to pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. You can use after taking advice from your doctor in this condition but still long term use is not good.


Lets see one by one each FRUIT of TRIFALA TABLET how they influence our dosha structure.

1. Amlaki

Other common names are – Amlaki, amla

Scientific name - Embolic Officinalis

English name - Indian goose berry.

This tree grows in Southeast Asia. Its full of vit C ( in 100gms of Amlaki more than 400 mg of Vit C is there ) with more than 18 natural minerals, vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

The tree of amlaki is worhsiped too. As its said to contain Amrit (Elixir of long life) which fell down from the hand of the God. In Budhism also its important as Bhudha received a gift of half Amlaki from Emporer Ashoka.

It has more Vit C than oranges and tomatoes. Its main use is in Trifala. Amlaki is also used as fresh, powdered, pickles, in external applications like henna, shampoos and hair washes.

Rasa or taste is sour, sweet, bitter, pungent and astringent. One of very few fruits which contain five rasas or tastes amongst six. Only salty taste is absent. This quality puts this fruit in rare category. Main tastes are sour and sweet.

Vipak is sweet and Virya is sheet or cold. It basically nourishes all three doshas. Main action is on Pitta as it pacifies Pitta.

It is anti-inflammatory & very good in arthritis, IBS, diarrhea, cholesterol, fats, High blood pressure, and obesity.

Amlaki has very strong antioxidants. In Ayurveda it is Best Rasyana means anti aging and rejuvenating.

Because it helps in Pitta problems so its helpful for liver, spleen and blood problems.


1 teaspoonful or 3 gms of Amlaki can be taken after soaking or one can take 20 ml of fresh amla juice. Amlaki can be best used in Trifala or can be used with turmeric.

Uses and precautions

It can be used for long terms. There are people who used it life long without facing any problem.

Use amalki more for hairs and eyes, vit deficiency. Recurrent infections, White discharge/ leucorrhoea in females, Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Diabetes

& Cancer as it removes free radicals.

Amalaki reduces acidity and promotes immunity.

Balances doshas and pH levels.

Best source of vit C and detoxify gastric intestinal tract. One should use in case of hair loss, Falling vision.

When taken with Trifala it balances all the three dosha.

It may upset the stomach. In case of any adverse effect its better to ask your Doctor.

2. Haritaki

Botanical name - Terminalia chebula

Hindi name - Harad, Abhya

Harad, is a fruit tree in South east Asia. Fruit is oblong shape. Tibetan med and Chinese med also use this fruit. In Tibetan med its good to use for good eye sight and anti aging with anti cancer properties. It is also used for intestinal worms, anti inflammatory and tonic.

There are many types of Haritaki in Ayurveda depending on the region its grown and color and size of the fruit. For medicine purpose big oval rounded with yellow brown pulp is best.

Rasa or taste – It has all the five tastes except salty. Virya is warming. Vipaka is sweet. It nourishes and balances all three doshas.

It removes ama or endo toxins, and pacify Vata. It is good for nervous system & excretory system.

Its mild non habit forming laxative, Rejuvenating, deworming, and tonic to stimulate digestion. Haritaki is very good in skin problems, bronchitis and mucous problems in children.

It also helps in abdominal distention (bloating), wind, cramps, pain, constipations, low digestion or poor Agni. It works as Rasayna (anti aging) in healthy individuals.

Haritaki is heart and brain rejuvenator. Its called as hand of Budha. Though it is tridosha balancing but it mainly balances Vata. It improves aura. In spiritual awakening Haritaki is very important herb. As it is used for Aura cleansing.


Haritaki Powder or tab. 3 -5 Gms of powder or tab with warm water or as prescribed by doctor.

Children may require one tab. One or two tablets is enough.

It can improve concentration in children.

It can be used as gargles and Washing the wounds.

It can be taken as decoction or kwath, powder or mixed in Trifala.

Trialala ghrit, trifala guguul and other many preparations of Ayurveda have it in one or other form.

It is very strong herbal fruit for for spiritual practices.

Vata people can use it with ghee.

Pitta people can use it with sugar

For kapha it can be used with rock salt.

Take care in pregnancy and fasting or other serious conditions. It dries up secretions so lactating mothers should avoid to use it.

3. Bibhitaki

Botanical name - Terminalia Bellerica

Hindi name - Vibhitaki , Baheda,

Baheda vibhitaki also is a medicinal fruit tree. This is also south Asian culture tree. Fruit of this tree is collected and used after drying.

Rasa – astringent, sour and sweet.

Virya healing and warming. Vipaka sweet. Ancient times dried fruit of bibhiitak was used as dice. Its kernel is a strong narcotic and used in few painful conditions.

Bhibhtaki means in Sanskrit - who keeps all sickness away.


Bibhitaki works as rasayana in Triphala. Its very good for loss of hair and grey hairs. Very good for eye sight, asthma, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Vibitaki is a rejuvenator for liver and heart, it balances Kapha.

As it balance Kapha, so its good for rasa dhatu, muscles and bones. Its prabhav or silent action is healing. It increases the Oxygen absorption in the body and increases vitamin and mineral absorption.

Best to use for weak lungs, hairs and relaxant for nerves.

It removes too much thirst feeling. Good to bind loose stools. It works as rasayana for kapha body type.

Body immunity is increased by its use. Kapha becomes balanced so Kapha supporting organs start working better and no toxins are deposited.

Kapha organs cleanse, maintains rasa and fluid in the body. It improves

blood flow, and restrict too much secretion of fluids.

Ant aging, too much coughing can be controlled consuming Bhibhitka fruit fried in cows ghee or powder can be taken mixing with honey. Because of Kashay rasa/ astringent taste and drying effects it is strongly recommended in any kapha or rasa problems. Like catarrh, heamorahge, menorrhagia.


It can be taken with trifala. Powder of Bibhitika can be taken in 1-3 gms of dose once or twice in day with warm water.

Precaution should be taken as it can increase Vata.

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